Why The 635? The Need Examined

We’ve been hidden, but are found, isolated, but set free. Church, it’s time to come together.

We have really cool things happening in our parishes, really cool, but are we really ONE? Would someone look at the Church in Dallas and see one family like Christ prayed we would be? Are we one family with one mission, or are we trying to take on the mission of the gospel on our own?

The image Saint Paul gives of the Church is the image of one body. Just as the body is made up of many parts, so is the Church. He says:

“The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” 1 Corinthians 12:21

Right now there are roughly 200,000 young adults just inside the 635 loop. 200,000! That doesn't even take into account the young adults in the various suburbs of our North Texas home. Yet, the average young adult group in Dallas has 15-20 active participants, with only some at or greater than 100. Less than half of the parishes in the diocese even have an active ministry. In all, the number of active Catholics involved in young adult ministry compared to the thousands of Young Adults who identify as Catholic is negligible. 

In order to start a movement, social scientists talk about the “tipping point,” the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. If we’re going to be honest, even an event with 200 people isn’t enough of a tipping point to change a parish, much less a city. 

We need critical mass if we want to be a movement. We need to be one.

If we want to reach those 200,000 young adults, if we want to see revival happen in Dallas we need a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We need new momentum, new energy, new vision for what God is calling us to as a body. That more than anything else is what the 635 is about.

We believe that a gathering of all of the active young adult Catholics in Dallas is the place to start. We are coming together at the Granada Theater not just to have another event, but to seek after a new Pentecost for the Church in this city.   

What is a diocese?

It's church being a part of something bigger.

It's us.


For a behind the scenes look at how this mission started, feel free to download and read the "635 Outward Facing Synthesis."  More questions?  Let us know.  We can't wait to have the conversation.

Marcellino D'Ambrosio