The 635



The 635 Mission:

The mission of the 635 is to provide young adults in the Dallas area, regardless of their faith backgrounds, with an undeniable sense of belonging, a safe space to encounter God, and access to a supportive Christian community.

The Community Starts Here

635 Volunteers model the qualities and commitment we hope to be widespread throughout the 635 Community. 635 Volunteers are essential to our mission.

There are 5 volunteer teams, each with their own Community Lead. Jenny Lawler is the 635 Community Lead Manager. She is responsible for all of our volunteers and provides the Community Leads with support.

Where can I serve?



A Connector is responsible for connecting new and solo individuals with groups of other 635 Granada attendees, so that no one participates in the 635 Granada Events alone.

Lead: Jorge Aguilar

First Faces

A First Face is responsible for creating an environment of radical hospitality and safety for the 635 Granada Event attendees while in the theater lobby, so that attendees feel more open and receptive during the programming.

Lead: Mara Burnstad



An insider is responsible for the spiritual environment of the Granada theater.

Lead: Julia Quezada

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A mentor is responsible for managing the process of welcoming new 635 Granada Event attendees and accompanying them to fuller participation in the community.

Lead: Luke Walker

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A recruiter is responsible for managing the 635 Granada Event volunteer base.

Lead: Anna Macedo